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SONAR LE is an audio recording program from Cakewalk, Inc. The software provides the user with a digital audio workstation (DAW) for multiple audio track recording. The program can record up to 32 audio tracks and 64 MIDI tracks.

SONAR LE gives the user a variety of tools for creating music, which include 24 simultaneous effects, 8 simultaneous virtual instruments and 2 virtual instruments; templates for specific projects and tracks; WAV/REX audio files, MIDI groove clips, as well as tools for audio looping.

The software is offered as a bundled product with various OEM audio hardware devices. An installation disc is generally included with the purchase of an audio hardware. SONAR LE is also equipped with an auto detection tool that allows the system to detect audio devices connected to the machine via the USB port or audio jack.

It supports VST (Virtual Studio Technology) and VSTi interfaces, provides a matrix view of the project in progress and allows drag and drop mode for audio files, templates and other templates and effects to be used on a particular project. The software runs on Windows systems.


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