Roland Edirol Virtual Sound Canvas Vsc-Mp1


Roland Edirol Virtual Sound Canvas Vsc-Mp1
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The great sounding synth plug in is a standalone software synthesizer with two plug in versions DXi and VST instruments. It allows you to take midi plus files and customize them as per personal tastes. You can also use a playback list function to store and retrieve all compositions that are near and dear to you, safely. Just explore the finished files into popular multimedia applications among which WAV and .AIFF file formats are widely known. This system possesses effective and skilful features, so it can be used with other instruments. Dive into the world of music through this product and it will never disappoint you.

Down below are the specifications for the device-
  • Midi made easy through this device.
  • Great sounding plug in.
  • Keep files safely stored.
  • 2 plug ins available.
  • Tested product.
  • Retrieve all compositions.
  • Effective product.


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