Luxonix Purity v1

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Luxonix Purity v1
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PURITY is a virtual tool with the ability to work offline. The product is distinguished by a complete set of samples from hardware analog and digital synthesizers, sound modules, drum machines. In the kit there are more than 1300 ready-to-use presets and an integrated sequencer.

The developers claim that with all the similarities, their product is different among many other virtual GM-compatible VST-tools. First of all, the emphasis is on sound quality and ease of use, which distinguishes PURITY from many similar products. The value is increased by the fact that there are relatively few samples, but they are all applicable in the work.

Main characteristics:

  • GM (General MIDI) compatibility
  • simultaneously 16 tools
  • built-in sequencer
  • fast browser presets
  • over 1300 presets (more than 200 phrases and loops)
  • built-in mixer
  • 2 stereo effects bus send / return – chorus / reverb
  • 24 types of insert effects
  • interfaces:
    • Steinberg VST 2.3
    • Apple Audio Units 2 (AU)
    • standalone mode: ASIO, WDM / KS, DirectSound, CoreAudio


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