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Cockos Reaper 3 Free With Crack


Cockos has released version 3.0 of REAPER, a major update offering many new features and fixes.

Major New Features:

  • Automation lanes.
  • Nested track folders.
  • Multiple tabbed projects.
  • Multichannel (greater than stereo) media support, including MOGG.
  • FX parameter controls on track and mixer control panels.
  • Customize toolbar icons and actions.
  • Programmable MIDI joystick/game controller support.

MIDI Improvements:

  • Inline MIDI editing.
  • Edit multiple MIDI items in one editor.
  • Sync MIDI editor to arrange view, including looped items.
  • Export project MIDI, with tempo map support.
  • MIDI event filter.
  • Track MIDI controls (manage bank/program changes, sysex, automate CC).
  • MIDI hardware timing improvements.
  • Full sysex support.

Other Significant New Features And Improvements:

  • Create time- or beat-based templates including media.
  • Improved REX support.
  • Smoother play/stop/seek transitions.
  • Soft controller takeover, including FX parameters.
  • Create default FX controller assignments that act on the focused plug-in.
  • New UI theme, many new graphics features and options.
  • More user control of placement/appearance of graphical interface elements.
  • Create knobs, envelopes, controller assignments from the last touched FX parameter.
  • MIDI control of presets for any plug-in.
  • Attach text and image resources to media items, place icons on tracks.
  • Global automation override/bypass.
  • Hide/show tracks in either arrange or mixer view.
  • UAD compatibility improvements.
  • All-native graphics rendering engine (better appearance and performance).
  • Memory use improvements.

REAPER v3.00 Details

Audio Performance:

  • Improved MP3 seek accuracy.
  • 27.97DF timing improvements.
  • Read, write, or explode media with any number of audio channels.
  • Optionally preserve project PDC when monitoring.
  • Seamless media item glue during playback.
  • Optional tiny fade to hardware on play/stop/seek (avoid clicks).
  • Option to gate (not record near-silence) while saving live audio output.
  • More WAV read/write options.
  • Customizable pre-roll, metronome improvements.

Arrange View / Editing:

  • Optionally draw labels and buttons above media items (track info lane).
  • JS support for up to 64 parameters, dynamic UI.
  • Filter track visibility by name.
  • Optionally display faint peaks in automation lanes.
  • Control+drag for fine adjustment of volume handles and envelope points.
  • When labels drawn above items, drag the label area to select item+time.
  • Dynamic split detection improvements.
  • Drag images onto arrange view or track control panels.
  • Filter and highlight FX parameters in the envelope window.
  • Automap 3.0 support.

MIDI Editing:

  • Vastly improved memory performance with many MIDI items in a project.
  • Editor timeline can be beats (local), beats (project), time, or synced-to-arrange.
  • Switch active MIDI item in multi-item editors by clicking a note, selecting the source item in the MIDI event filter, or clicking the item in the arrange view.
  • Quantize/humanize/edit note properties modelessly.
  • Increased range for note velocity handle adjustment.
  • Improved timing in ReWire slave mode.
  • Enhanced CC meta-actions (fine-tune custom actions with a controller).
  • Themeable colormaps for note velocity, channel, source item.
  • Lock notes in time or pitch.
  • Adjust parent item and loop length from MIDI editor.


  • No glitch when looping plugins that generate sound or tails.
  • Faster redraws for some VSTs.
  • No glitch when automating ReaEQ band gain through +0 dB.
  • Dragging FX instrument to empty track space inserts new track for the instrument.
  • Improved FXP compatibility.
  • Support for VSTs that send MIDI out of context.
  • Improved DX automation support.
  • FX parameter aliasing.

Random Stuff:

  • Many theme options for drawing blend modes, marquee selection.
  • Unicode (via UTF-8) filename support.

Pricing & Availability

REAPER 3 is available now for Windows and Windows 64 and Mac OS X Intel and PPC (although the Mac version appears to be beta still).

Cockos continues to offer its “Fair pricing” policy: There is only one version of REAPER. Cockos offers two licenses, depending on how you use it.



The evaluation version of REAPER is complete and uncrippled. There are no artificial interruptions or restrictions, and you can save and load projects normally. The REAPER installer simply copies REAPER and its support files to disk. It does not install anything except itself. If after 30 days you decide that REAPER is not for you, simply delete it. If you decide that REAPER is for you, you must purchase a license.


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