How to Mix Vocal in Cubase 10.5 (Video)

Firstly Cubase 10.5 is a powerful Daw when it came into music production.

Now I Am going to show you the best way to mix Afro beat Track in Cubase10.5

This video will help you improve in mixing.

Although most often thought of as a DAW dedicated to the art of creating music, Cubase has for a long time enjoyed the power and flexibility to turn its hand to all sorts of other audio duties: idea sketching, audio editing, sound design, film and broadcast post-production, scoring and publishing and pretty much anything else you can think of.

When it comes to audio mastering, where audio quality and fidelity are vitally important, Cubase’s super-accurate sound engine and versatile editing and routing are a perfect match for the job’s requirements. What’s more, thanks to Steinberg’s ongoing efforts to increase the number, quality and utility of bundled plug-ins, modern Cubase contains everything you need to perform excellent audio mastering right out of the box.

The most obvious approach to mastering with Cubase may be to apply mastering-type processing during mixdown across the main left-right bus; you could also apply such processing to submixes for a stem mastering-like approach. However, it’s often preferable to approach mastering from the point of view of a whole album or montage of mixes, which allows that montage to be honed into a cohesive whole as opposed to a bunch of mismatched individual mixes.

here is an example stay update

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